Our firm is aware of the challenges which await on the labour market, and that is why it proactively anticipates the difficulties which it may encounter in order to fill future vacancies and feed its strategic expansion.

In order to guarantee our clients added-value services, we are more demanding with respect to the competencies, work attitude, stability and motivation of candidates than with respect to the type and level of their diplomas.

Our policy of innovative HR leads us to continue to invest in the working atmosphere, culture, image and reputation of the firm.

We are constantly on the look-out for talented employees who wish to join a team which is dynamic, motivated and oriented towards the latest technology.

In order to send us your application, please complete and send the form below.

Upon receipt, you will be able to pass various online tests (in French) allowing us to have an objective view of your experience.

The tests can be passed in our office as well (between 30min and 1 hour). 

* The form will be sent directly to the requesting party and filed as part of HR confidential records. Your Personal Information will not be share with a third party.

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